Our next runner spotlight… Meagan Ayer!

Each week leading up to race day we will be highlighting one runner that has registered for the 15th Annual Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler. This runner could be new to the race or could have run the event in the past.

Our next spotlighted runner is Meagan Ayer! This will be Meagan’s first Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler, she ran the 5 mile event last year! Here is a little information about Meagan:


Why do you register for 10 Miler yearly? If you haven’t done it before why did you register this year?

This will be my first 10-miler. Last year I was registered but transferred to the 5 mile following an injury. 

What do you like about the race?

I like the course in Edgewater park and the race is a good benchmark for me as I train for the Cleveland Marathon. 

What does running races do for you?

I’ve lived in 3 different states in the last 7 years. Running lets me get to know my new city and meet lots of different people. The friends I’ve made in training group have made Cleveland feel like home. 

What are your running/athletic goals for 2019? 

This year I’m trying to break 2 hours in the half and complete my second full marathon.