It’s time for the next runner spotlight! Welcome Alicia Stocks!

Each week leading up to race day we will be highlighting one runner that has registered for the 15th Annual Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler. This runner could be new to the race or could have run the event in the past.

Our next spotlighted runner is Alicia Stocks! This will be Alicia’s first Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler. Here is a little information about Alicia:

Why do you register for 10 Miler yearly?

 This is my first one – new year new me new goals ha!

 If you haven’t done it before why did you register this year?

A friend of mine was doing it and I thought it could be fun, I have done 5K’s in the past and last year finished my first 10K with an average of 9 min a mile – so I impressed myself – figured I should try something new every year 🙂

What do you like about the race?

The fact that everyone around you is also running the same race, for different reasons, at different paces, and listening to different music. There is something about everyone being together and supporting each other in silence while we run.  Seems like there’s more of a motive to push yourself, you become part of a pack while supporting each other silently.  

What does running races do for you?

It pushes met to keep running – the last 10k I did, I remember wanting to take a break and walk but nobody around me was walking, so I was like well if they are running I have to run too- so I did.  I never thought that I was going to run the whole thing and finish with an average 9 min mile – I almost wanted to thank and hug everyone!! 🙂

Get ready to Run Like a God, Alicia!