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10 Miler
5 Mile Route

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The course will be open for 3 hours. The course will close on a continuous pace of 18 minute miles. If you can not maintain an 18 minute/mile pace, you will be asked to move to the sidewalk.

10 Miler Course Descriptions

The Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler course will start runners at the upper level of Edgewater Park. Runners will head out of the park to Cliff Drive, and from there have a scenic tour of Cleveland’s West Side and Lakewood, turning around near Kenneth Drive and returning back on Lake Avenue. Runners will then return into the upper level of Edgewater Park before heading into the Lake Avenue tunnel. Runners then head into Battery Park and into the 76th Street tunnel, to finish at the lower level of Edgewater Park.

  • Water Stops will be located at mile markers 2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Gatorade will be provided at water stops 6 and 8
  • Energy Gels will be provided at water stop 6
  • Mile 8 coincides with Mile 3 for the 5 Mile event which is where the 5 Mile water stop will be located
  • Portos will be at the Start (Upper Edgewater), Taft Elementary along Lake Ave, and at the Finish (Lower Edgewater)
  • Upper Edgewater Close Up Map


Directions to Edgewater Park:

Located off State Route 2

  • From I-90W, exit at West Blvd and turn left. West Blvd runs directly into Upper Edgewater Park where the Start Line is located
  • From W117th, travel north to Clifton Blvd, turn right to West Blvd and turn left. West Blvd runs directly into the park entrance
  • From I-71N, take State Route 2 Westbound, take 2nd Edgewater Park exit (stay in curve lane once you see the park or Lake Erie on your right) and make a right turn into the park